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Blue Pearl Enterprise is a globally-minded corporation in word and deed. We see business as means to realize our goal of preserving the environment for future generations. Even our name is derived from the Earth itself which from space has the appearance of a beautiful blue pearl.

Our company manufactures and distributes products for Automotive, Marine, and Aircraft which last much longer and do not need to be reapplied as often which makes life easier and creates a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. We even produce Equine products for the health of our brothers the horse.

In recent years the economy and changes in the Equine industry has created an epidemic of unwanted, underfed and abused horses which are either left to die or are sold off to slaughter houses for food in other nations. We do not condone the treatment of these great animals which helped shape the nation we live in and are using our resources to rescue, rehabilitate and return these majestic animals to productive lives in our society thru training and adoption.

Enlisting the aid of major global corporations and experts in both the private and public sector, we intend to find solutions to bring this major undertaking to fruition. You can help us in this process through several avenues, to learn more read  HERE.